Want A Youthful Complexion When You're Older? 4 Steps To Take Right Now


If you want to have gorgeous, wrinkle-free skin when you're older, the time to begin caring for your skin is now. Don't wait until you see the first wrinkle to start fighting them. Instead, start creating the building the foundation for younger-looking skin while you are young. Here are four steps you should implement now to have healthy, wrinkle-free skin in your golden years. Wash Your Face Before Bed If you're not taking the time to wash your face before bed, you're setting yourself up for skin problems.

28 February 2017

Will These Alternative Remedies For Acne Work?


In the eternal quest to defeat acne, people have tried various alternative remedies to clear their skin. Unfortunately, some of the remedies proved to be more damaging to their skin than expected. If you are in pursuit for an acne treatment that will work for you, here are some remedies that have been used before and whether or not they have been successful.  Salt Water Salt water has been used as a home remedy for acne in the past.

27 February 2017

Cherry Angioma Removal Options And What's At Stake


Have you been to your doctor due to a skin outbreak that concerned you and learned that you have cherry angiomas? If so, your doctor may have told you that you could visit a skin doctor if you wanted to get the lesions removed. Many cherry angiomas are harmless, and some people get them removed purely for cosmetic reasons. However, if you are concerned about the appearance of your cherry angiomas or getting a second opinion about the lesions, a dermatologist like one at Dermatology Surgery Center is a good resource to use.

24 January 2017