Will These Alternative Remedies For Acne Work?


In the eternal quest to defeat acne, people have tried various alternative remedies to clear their skin. Unfortunately, some of the remedies proved to be more damaging to their skin than expected. If you are in pursuit for an acne treatment that will work for you, here are some remedies that have been used before and whether or not they have been successful. 

Salt Water

Salt water has been used as a home remedy for acne in the past. The idea behind using the salt water is that it will help to break up the bacteria in the skin that leads to breakouts. Users apply a salt water mixture on their skin with a cotton ball and let it dry.  

Although it has been used for years, there is no research that proves that salt water helps with acne. If you opt to use salt water, it is important that you understand the drawbacks that come with it. Salt can sometimes cause your skin to become drier and can cause irritation and discomfort if it gets into your eyes.  


Exercise can be effective in helping to improve your overall health. Whether or not it can help with ridding your skin of acne is debatable. When you exercise, there are several physical occurrences that could inadvertently leave to an improvement in your skin's condition.  

Exercise can help increase blood flow, which can promote healing of the skin. It also helps to unclog your pores through sweating. In addition to these benefits, exercise can help reduce stress. Stress is a known trigger for acne breakouts. Exercise alone might not be enough to stop acne, but it could be part of a regimen to improve your skin. 

Oral Contraceptives

For some young women, oral contraceptives can help with controlling acne. The contraceptives contain progestin and estrogen, which are naturally produced by your body. The hormones work to inhibit your body's signal to ovulate. When this happens, your testosterone levels are lowered and you could experience a reduction in acne.  

Testosterone helps to increase oil production, which means more acne. With the decrease in the hormone, your skin's condition can improve within a relatively short period of using the contraceptives.  

Before trying out any home remedy for acne, you should talk to your dermatologist. He or she can evaluate your skin's condition and help determine if an at-home remedy will be effective or if medical intervention is needed. For more information, contact a practice such as Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center.


27 February 2017

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